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Day Two

8:30am   –   9:00am  (Bio Commons)     Drop-off

9:00am   –   10:00am   Whatzitdo Warm-Up


10:00am  –  10:30am     Project: Summer Snowflakes

10:30am  –  11:00am  (Outdoor Stage)     Snacks and Get to Know You Refresher Games

11:00am  –  12:00pm     Project: Summer Snowflakes Continued

12:00pm  –  12:45pm  (JRC 209/Patio)     Lunch, Games, and Recess

12:45pm  –  1:10pm      Introduction to Functions/Blocks

1:10pm    –  1:40pm  (Noyce)     Noyce Scavenger Hunt

1:40pm   –   2:00pm     Introduction to Thinking in 3D

2:00pm   –   2:15pm     Snacks

2:15pm   –   3:45pm       Project: Buggy Code

3:45pm   –   4:15pm  (Outdoor Stage)     Recess

4:15pm   –   5:00pm     Project: Buggy Code Continued

5:00pm   –   5:30pm (Bio Commons)     Pick-up


**All activities without specified locations are in Noyce 3813

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